I get all of my cat’s food ingredients and treats from Hare Today. It’s still just as durable, and we play with it daily. Use the tips in this article to get your cat to play. I’ve heard this phrase many times from friends, family, and clients. We just need the right toys and attitude. The best approach for winning a cat’s affections is not insisting he interact with the family. Currently, I live in a small apartment with my street cat, Jericho. My cat is not interested anymore in playing. Cats are excellent at hiding illness since they are a prey animal to larger carnivores. Jericho is extremely playful, affectionate, and happy living indoors with me. My daughter adopted a 3 wk old and her mother 1 month ago. Check out this guide today or save THIS PIN to your Cat Care Tips board on Pinterest. Obese cats have trouble getting active because they’re in pain. Cats typically stop playing when they are in pain. You should know that your cat has different behavior as human. 1 0. And yet, I’m always able to get their cats to play. Catnip comes in handy if you prefer DIY cat toys. We’ve had our Ripple Rug since 2019. They are bad for cat dental health, and they will make your cat gain unnecessary weight. Toys should not be left out or played with without supervision. I received some free samples to try. Since indoor cats don’t hunt, it is our responsibility to get them active. I know, this may sound a tad harsh. We also have the chase balls 6-pack, kitten mitten, and organic sleeping bag from this shop. The easiest way to get cats active is through playtime. Save THIS PIN to your Cat Enrichment board on Pinterest. Stay consistent and add a few minutes every few days. Why It's a Problem If Your Cat Stops Eating . See the vet first. What you can do is play with the older cat yourself so that he is less likely to have the energy to harass the younger cat. Wild instincts are ingrained in cats. Add a few minutes of play a day to create a new playtime routine. Don't just dangle the toy right in front of their face, but always move the toy away, like real prey! Many clients have said to me, “My cat isn’t interested in playing” when I ask what are the favorite toys. Buy high-quality scratching posts built to last. No additional cost to you. Since 2017, I’ve worked with over 400 cats professionally. Tease toys around and under furniture, doors, Slide a ball across the room to make your cat chase it, Slide a ball under a piece of furniture so your cat has to figure out how to get it out, Throw it across the room so your cat can chase it. Did My Cat Hear Me? You’d want your day to be predictable, right? Hare Today uses quality meats and sells every type of protein imaginable. I’ll teach you how to get your cat to play more. Playing with your cat is primarily meant to simulate hunting and playing with prey. If your cat isn’t playing, even though you are providing it the opportunity, it should see the vet first. This is more of an activity center than a simple toy. Cat is not interested in ball. The solution isn't to get the younger cat to accept the older cat's play drive. The first indication that something is off with their health is usually not physical illness signs. Learn more about cookies. I'll do all I can to help. It is normal for cats which are playing to emit some sound, but cats which are fighting are obviously not fooling around. This can occur if you don’t play often, your cat will simply become used to not playing. That is so unusual. Whole Life cat treats are another good quality treat. My cat, Jericho, is from the streets. Currently, I am training to be a Clinical Pet Nutritionist. Luckily the types of toys that a senior cat will enjoy playing with are the same as those which younger cats enjoy. The game must be a challenge for your cat! I’m constantly getting creative to keep him interested in playing. Buy cat toys that have feathers like birds, chirp like a mouse, or look like small bugs. One of the most obvious signs cats are fighting and not playing is the noises they make. Mimicking prey movements is a sure way to get your cat interested in playing. Not all cats react to catnip. I’m on a mission to change cat lives! This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience. Yes, your cat sees your home as his territory. Eco-friendly and organic toys tend to be pricier, but you’ll save money in the long-run. Use code CATICLES15 for 15% off your first order with Raw Paws Pet Food. Remember that most cat toys are small or have small pieces that are swallowed easily. I never thought that my husband’s cat would go nuts with anything, at least not in a good way. Think about how cats hunt and mimic this during playtime. Grab my ebook 5 Secrets to Get Your Cat to Play! My cat, Jericho, loves the dehydrated turkey thigh strips. You’ll get a lot of uses out of the Ripple Rug. Instead, encourage him to want the contact. Sure, mature cats don’t play as much as kittens, but that’s because kittens have a very short span in which they must learn to hunt and fend for themselves. Clean and inspect toys regularly. Sometimes it may seems that you can’t get your cat interested to play. And more often than not, the problem isn’t the cat, it’s the way his owners are interacting with him (or not) during playtime. Wild cats have to hunt and catch their prey before they eat. Playing is the indoor version of hunting. The older cat needs more play than the younger cat is willing to participate in, and that won't change through time or anything that you can do. But, during our visits, I’m able to get their cats to play. If your cat lost interest in playing there could be a few things going on. Engaging cat toys are necessary. But, during our visits, I’m able to get their cats to play. My cat loves to play fetch. Some cats enjoy toys which roll or move across the floor, allowing the cat to chase. Fix "my cat isn't interested in playing" with this detailed tutorial. From the title "When I Am Playing with My Cat, How Do I Know She Is Not Playing with Me? You won’t have to replace eco-friendly toys as much. Playing a game with a “disappearing” feather really revs up some cats. The game itself is not fun . Other very active breedsand more playful dogs like Corgies… Put these toys away when you cannot supervise playtime. The game must be a challenge for your cat! Healthy treats can be a great way to get your cat to play. . Some people will say that they try and try to play, but the cat doesn’t want to play. If your cat isn't feeling well, it may stop eating because there's something stuck in its stomach or intestines.Or, your cat might not like the food you're offering. Playtime is one of my favorite activities and the reason behind my blog. I’ve been lucky to share my personal life with 12 cats. Wild cats get a lot of jaw exercise from eating prey. Do you give her treats when or if she does something good or cute, or praise her? Keep your daily routines the same. If she doesn't show any reaction to it then maybe she just isn't interested. Now, if you have no problem engaging all your cats in playtime at the same time, there is absolutely no issue with playing with your cats simultaneously. Wild cats get a lot of exercise and mental stimulation from hunting and catching their prey. “When I dance, I dance; when I sleep, I sleep. Cats get stressed easily. 59.5% of cats in the US are overweight or obese (2019 data). My cats go nuts with it! Again, imagine that you lived outside. An active cat is a happy cat. It’s basically fast food. If your cat still isn’t interested in playing then get creative. If I try to play with him even with a bit of string, he gets scared and runs away! If you’d rather buy already made catnip toys, I recommend Feline Fun and Miss Lulu Crafts. I’ve been a customer since 2019, and these points come in handy. Regardless of the reason, it's a major concern if your cat stops eating. We teach cat parents all about cat happiness through food and fun. Study your cat’s movements while you play. It doesn’t take up any floor space. Stay consistent and keep your routines in place. Especially when it comes to change. Cats sleep a lot to save energy for hunting. If you don’t play with your cat he could get stressed, gain unnecessary weight, or develop behavioral issues. Soon you’ll be able to spot the signals right before your cat pounces. A cat could stop playing for many reasons including illness, anxiety or not being interested in the toy anymore. May 20, 2020 - This is the complete guide for a cat that lost interest in playing. If your cat won't play, it's probably your fault. Your cat won’t be happy about breaking a routine so make sure you are patient in this process. Friends, family members, and clients have all said to me, “my cat isn’t interested in playing”. It’s my mission to help you improve your relationship and create happiness for your indoor cat too. Cats need routine in their lives to feel safe and comfortable. I don't want to keep having to hide the headband. If this is the case with yours, try Matatabi chew sticks. As a cat owner you might be wondering why does my cat bite me, which usually happens when you play or pet your cat. Or, buy a window perch. Eco-friendly and organic is your best option when it comes to cat toys. If you go to stroke him, he'll cower like he expects to be hit. I’ve also learned the hard way what commercial food does to cat health. Wild instincts are ingrained in cats. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t from many years of experience. His energy is good, very playful, he is still loving, friendly and alert. It provides mental stimulation, exercise, and prevents boredom. We'll play for about 15 minutes before I end up doing something else. Jericho loves the freeze-dried minnows, chicken livers, and lamb treats. These are best for cats because they are free from chemicals and harsh dyes. Check out my full guide to these cat play rugs. You’d want your day to be predictable, right? But I’m always able to get their cats to play. Especially since I order in bulk. Veterinarian's Assistant: Hi there. Cat beds can serve as resting and hiding areas. Your cat may be lazy because he’s overweight. This is another interactive toy which is great because cats love to play with their humans. Get a cat weight loss plan in place and transition cat food gradually. Alternate with speed: fast, then slow, then fast again. I used to feed these treats to Jericho before I made the switch to a raw diet. X, Tips To Consider Before Buying An Auto Litter Box, How to Introduce Your Cat A Top Auto Litter Box. She said he was very healthy. Playing hide and seek with your cat can be interesting. I always keep a few toys on rotation during playtime to keep Jericho interested in playing. Jul 13, 2015 - Hamlet the Unimpressed Cat Is Not At All Interested In Your Magic Trick. Once your cat is engaged, introduce toys that he can play with by himself. Don't just dangle the toy right in front of his face, but always move the toy or the fishing rod away from him, like a real prey! When I am playing with my cat, how do I know she is not playing with me? Interactive toys help your cat get interested in playtime quicker because you are involved. Both cats behaved the same as yours. I'd mess around and try new things and see if they like that. Also, nothing I say is medical advice. Any changes in behavior could mean something is off. It's possible that your pooch isn't playing with you anymore simply because he has no interest due to older age. Cats need enrichment to feel comfortable at home and in their territory. Note: Always keep a safe playtime. I’ve learned from over 400 cats what works and what doesn’t. When cats reach adulthood the activity of playing is a very important aspect because it allows them to burn energy that they accumulate simply from being inside. I try to play with my 2 cats at least 2 times a day for 30 minutes each time. You may try purchasing some new toys to see if that helps. Don’t use cat “dental” treats. Learn more about how we use cookies in our cookie policy and our privacy policy. Replace any toys that cannot be cleaned.